Letter: Handy Well Pump


I have seen some of the recent discussions pertaining to manual hand pumps for wells. I have wanted to add one to our preps for a while but have held back because it seemed as though they all cost around $1500. Our well is around 50′-60′ deep. I recently came across another pump option called a Handy Well Pump (model HWP-L) for considerably less. I am interested whether any other readers have experience and can offer insight on this pump option? Thanks in advance – Tired-n-Dusty

HJL responds: Just looking at the build of the unit, it appears that the unit is not as sturdily built as the Simple Pump or the Bison Pump. However, it may be sturdy enough. One of the options that attracted me to the Simple Pump was the ability to motorize it with a solar powered 12V or 24V system. I don’t see how that would be possible with this setup. If that is not something that you need or want, you may want to look at it. I’ve never owned a Bison pump, so I can’t really compare it to that. It would be good to hear from any readers that have that system.