Street Combat – This Ain’t No Game! – Part 1 of 9, by Pat Cascio


Street Combat – This Ain’t No Game! is written for the law abiding citizens of America. In today’s world, the need for such a book is obvious, and Pat Cascio helps level the playing field between decent people and the evil predators who stalk the streets of the world today.

A straight forward, no holds barred manual, it’s written by a top expert, who knows his business and deeply cares about the survival of you and your loved ones. Pat knows that the police cannot be everywhere, and so the advantage is in the hands of the criminal predator who strikes when circumstances least suit his victims. He also knows that the average citizen lives in a push-button world that artificially isolates him from the inhuman jungle that’s out there.

It would be pleasant to believe that the information contained in this book is not necessary, but Pat knows better! The world today is not the well-ordered, law abiding society seeped in brotherly love, which we all long for. On the contrary, crime and terrorism have not disappeared. Therefore, there is no doubt that mastering the principles in this book can make the vital difference between life and death…or worse.

Cascio’s book is written to the point, and it pulls no punches. Most concise and professional, it puts forward street-proven principles, lessons, and techniques in a well-ordered, easy-to-read manner that both professional and layman will find interesting and beneficial. The reader is given a true case study. This is followed by the street-proven survival lesson. This is, in turn, followed by a recommended technique used by experts to defend one’s life and put the potential victim in the winner’s circle.

Pat Cascio has trained literally thousands of students in all aspects of hand-to-hand combat and weaponry for personal defense in the street, vehicle, and home. This book is testament to Pat’s belief that survival lies in one’s own hands, for you are the only one you can safely count on to be there one hundred per cent of the time. With crime, terrorism, and random violence hovering around us, the need for such a comprehensive book dealing with physical survival has never been greater. Hats off to Pat Cascio for giving us such a book.

Eugene Sockut

Jerusalem, Israel