Letter Re: Survival: Are We Aware Enough?

Dear Survival Blog Editor,

I’ve enjoyed reading Survival Blog daily for over two years and thank everyone for their efforts to share information about surviving these interesting times. I was very happy to see the article “Survival: Are We Aware Enough?“, as I have been waiting to see if someone would write on this theme. Thank you, S.S., for bringing this topic into the open. I have been “prepping” for almost 25 years, and from the very beginning I realized that how I am inside my heart and head is the most important survival tool… ever. In answer to SS’s question: “when all semblance of modern society is gone, how will you react?”, my goal is to remain grounded, with an open, loving mind and heart, and able to respond in the moment to whatever is necessary no matter how messed up. – LM