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Hindu prayer to open Idaho Senate

Idaho patriots, legislators, and assemblies,

I wanted to bring to your attention something that is planned in our state capitol and something I feel requires a strong response from you and me, as Christian patriots, to our legislators. Next Tuesday, the Senate will be opened for business with an invocation including a Hindu prayer. Idaho Senate Pro-Tem Brent Hill said “…it demonstrates our tolerance for other religions,” despite the fact that Hindus are hardly measurable in Idaho, with fewer than ½%, and the fact that it is an affront to God and Christians in Idaho. A Hindu prayer is inappropriate and does not reflect the Judeo-Christian values of the people and culture of the state of Idaho.

What happened to God’s people in the Bible when they “demonstrated tolerance for other religions?” They began adopting those religions, which was an affront to God, and His people faced judgment. This should be offensive to the conservative Christians in the state of Idaho.

The preamble to Idaho’s Constitution reads as such:

“We, the people of the State of Idaho, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, to secure its blessings and promote our common welfare do establish this Constitution.”

Our own constitution recognizes Almighty God as the source of our freedoms and blessings. Christian men put pen to paper to ensure our Constitution became a compact to preserve Biblical principles of governance. It would be incongruent for God-fearing Christian men, when authoring Article 1, Section 4, guarantee of religious liberty, to have intended the assertion of false gods.

And since the constitution was written by God-fearing men and we are ourselves God-fearing people, we must ask ourselves, “Would God smile on us and beam with pride for our tolerance of worship to a false god within the halls of our government?” – a government being operated under a constitution with the above preamble?

I urge each of you to notify your legislators and voice your strong opposition to this, an offense to God and (hopefully) to us. If they continue with this, urge your Senator to leave the chamber during the prayer. Who does your Senator fear, God or man?

In your service, and the service of the King, – J.J.