Letter Re: Mushrooms

Hey Hugh.

I would like to add some personal information to the interesting article on mushrooms. A few years ago my wife was diagnosed with asthma. We quickly learned that the standard medical treatment was not going to work for her.

Our friend at a natural foods store suggested she try a commercially available product called “Breathe”. The capsules contain a combination of mushrooms that apparently help to better or more completely utilize the available oxygen. What sold me was that high altitude climbers use these mushrooms when training for their climb in the thin air.

My wife began to experience dramatic relief from her asthmatic condition, and it was a true blessing to use the Creation for healing. I have never experienced respiratory problems but decided to try the product myself, looking for an edge. At the time I was in my mid 50’s and running a construction project, converting an historic three-story walk-up hotel into condos (really tiny condos). Carrying a load of tools up every day was a real chore, from the start. We all had to pitch in, as these tools included large saws, compressors, et cetera. We were all winded after the first ascent. Once I began my mushroom regimen, I experienced immediate respiratory improvement. After a few days I was passing my crew on the way down catching their breath on the first landing. They were guys half my age. I knew I could DIY with these capsules, so I began search out the best prices I could find. Turns out they were right here in Ohio. They have since moved to Oregon but other than location, nothing has changed re: service and efficiency and still organic. I have no interest in this company other than promoting a small business with a good product. I would suggest trying the “Breathe” product to make your own assessment and then take it where you will.

I order 1# bags of powder and cap them myself.
Also, you might want to study up on Suhirotake mushrooms for mitigation of the effects of radiation.
Mushroom Harvest has a good web site. Here is their ph#: 360-452-4258

Yours in Christ, Chris