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U.S. to Shutter 15 European Bases Under Cost Cutting Plan. – G.P.

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The Part-Time Economy Consuming America. – H.L.

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Items from Mr. Econocobas:

Credit Card Debt Tumbles Most In 1 Year As US Households Resume Deleveraging – Understand the author’s point about how it shows people are not optimistic, but deleveraging is actually what is needed and what happens in a depression. However, also understand in our debt based monetary system, deleveraging will collapse the system, and that is why central banks around the global are trying to print their way out of deflation from the global depression.

Consumer Credit in U.S. Increased by $14.1 Billion in November – Here you can see the spin placed by major media, just reporting the headline number of increased consumer spending. Nowhere here do they attempt to explain like ZeroHedge what the numbers actually means and that it missed expectation.

Here is the raw data for to see

FHA to Lower Cost of Mortgage Insurance