Seeking Subject Matter Experts for My New Novel Series

After completion of the five-book Patriots novel series, I’m now drafting the first book in a new multi-novel series, which has not yet been named. I should mention that this new novel series does not tie in to the storyline of the Patriots novels. It will be considered science fiction, since it will be set 40 years in the future, and will include some anticipated technology developments. The first book in this series may be released in late 2015 or early 2016.

To give this upcoming novel series the same level of authenticity as the Patriots series, I would greatly appreciate corresponding via e-mail with:

  • Anyone who has recently lived in Tyler, Texas.
  • Anyone who has trained in Krav Maga extensively.
  • Anyone who is a veteran of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).
  • Anyone who has lived or traveled extensively in South Africa.
  • Anyone who has lived in the Negev Desert region of Israel.
  • Anyone who has lived or traveled extensively in South Sudan.
  • Anyone who has lived or traveled extensively in Western Kenya.
  • Anyone who has experience flying true STOL aircraft, such as a Pilatus Porter.
  • Anyone who has LO (“Stealth”) aircraft design knowledge and is willing to speculate on future foreign LO developments.
  • Anyone who has worked in particle beam research–preferably “in-air”, rather than just in-vacuum lab tests.
  • Anyone who had military service as a 4.2″ Mortarman (Army 11C or a USMC 0341)
  • Anyone with knowledge of the Italian AISE (Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Esterna)

If you are willing to share your expertise, then please e-mail me. Thanks! – JWR