Letter: OPSEC

Mr Rawles,

I received an interesting letter today that profoundly reminded of OPSEC. The letter was notification of a class action suit against Oregon ARCO stations. They failed to disclose their prices when the station charged a 35 cent debit card transaction fee.

While my visits to Oregon Arco stations “south of the river” are quite sporadic, the dates of time are what really got my attention– January of 2011-August of 2013. This seems to prove three things to me– our debit and card purchases are being tracked and cataloged, and perhaps Mr. Snowden is not the ogre he is being made out to be in some circles. The third, of course, is OPSEC. Purchases locally with cash may be the better action, even though some items may cost a bit more.

Thank you for the info posted on your site and your books! Take care. – P.M.