Letter Re: Waterwise Distiller

Hugh and Jim,

Regarding the recent post on drinking water without a filter from ‘The Daily Sheeple’:

I am sure you are aware, but your readers may not be, but distilled water is not something you would want to consistently consume. It will rob your bones of minerals and you will break apart.

o o o


You linked to the water distillation video on The Daily Sheeple that featured the Waterwise distiller. I purchased one of those distillers and subsequently sold it, as I was not satisfied with it for a number of reasons.

  1. The water produced had a very metallic taste. Perhaps this would go away with usage. However, distilled water produced this way would probably not be suitable for applications that require the water be free of metal ions.
  2. The water placed in the condenser becomes very hot and produces a large amount of steam. If the distiller is used outside, that is not a problem. Inside, it could be a problem, as all that water will eventually condense somewhere. If it is cold outside and you have holes in your house’s vapor barrier, you will likely have frost collecting in your insulation. When the temperature warms and the frost melts, you could have water come through your ceiling as the frost melts and forms water.
  3. The water evaporated from the condenser leaves behind a residue that is difficult to remove, given the way the condenser is constructed. The condenser looks nice when it is new, but don’t expect it to stay that way. Also, a thick enough layer of the residue may significantly decrease the efficiency of the condenser as well.
  4. The only thing separating the contaminated water from the distilled water is a metal screen that rides on the boiling water. This is supposed to keep the contaminated water from splashing into the collection ring. This may work fine. However, I would prefer a design that keeps the contaminated water far away from the purified water. – M.H.