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Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper has released a 242-page book called “The Organic Canner”.

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From the Wranlerstar video blog: No More Broken Axe handles along with part 2.

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From SurvivalBlog reader T.G.: This is a link to a well done video providing an update on Ebola and, more particularly, the misinformation and obfuscation being promulgated by the CDC, et al.

I found it interesting that the video cited many of the same sources I cited in my previous writings on the subject. Some of you on this distribution were so kind as to publish that material; thank you. Others on this distribution have shown me kindness over the years and I thank you too. Still others on this distribution are in positions of influence and have the ability to reach a much wider audience than I. I ask you, especially, to please consider carefully what I’m saying.

As much as I enjoyed the video, it continues to ignore a very fundamental issue and that is that the respiratory “protection” cited in the CDC and WHO guidelines is inadequate, and dangerously so. In my articles, I drew attention to the disparity between the filter specifications and the size of the Ebola particle. Subsequent to writing those articles, I discovered a much more rigorous treatment of the topic which is, frankly, a far more credible resource. Here’s the latest updates from CIDRAP and Dr. Brosseau.

The significance of what I’m about to say cannot be overstated: By promulgating guidance for healthcare workers that is, at best, dubious, conditions are created that turn health care settings and their workers into a highly effective and efficient vector for transmitting the disease. When you feel dangerously ill, where do you turn? For most of us, it is to an emergency room. If the workers in that setting are unwittingly infected with the Ebola virus and are asymptomatic, even with an N95 mask on, they are able to infect people they come in contact with.

I have much more faith in theories of bureaucratic incompetence than in bureaucratic conspiracy. The inept are gifted at overlooking the extent of their incompetence. Either way, what they’re doing here is, as the video states, not merely negligent, it’s criminal.

I urge everyone to establish a reserve of water and food for yourselves, your families, and a little extra for others. A 3-month supply of each is within reason for most of us. Likewise, it is a good idea to get some personal protective equipment (PPE)– even the N95 mask or a cloth handkerchief is better than nothing. Tyvek suits, military surplus gas masks (with proper fit and up to date filter elements), rubber boots and rubber gloves, lots of duct tape, a small plastic children’s wading pool, a garden sprayer, and lots of unscented bleach provides a rather high level of protection and at minimal cost. Learning how to don and doff the suits, how to decontaminate the equipment, and learning some basic patient handling protocols is key.