Two Letters Re: How To Obtain Protein From Alternative Sources Without A Firearm

Dear HJL,

Here’s a low-cost alternative to metal traps-– build a trapping pit. Trapping pits have been used since the Stone Age to put meat on the table. A deer trail or other evidence of animal activity is located, then a deep pit is dug and lined with stone or wood planks to prevent escape. Spikes or sharp sticks are mounted on the bottom of the pit to kill or injure the prey, and the hole is covered with a tarp or branches to disguise it. My family has stored up a dozen or so 4’ re-bars and a couple of camo tarps to build an animal pit in the woods adjoining our property, should the SHTF.

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I had a comment on Rockvault’s excellent article on “How To Obtain Protein From Alternative Sources Without A Firearm”. In addition to the protein sources he listed, you should also consider insects, which are high in protein, easy to catch, and one of the most abundant food sources in the world. Field & Stream had a good article a while back on the subject. If you’re into developing a more sustainable lifestyle as a foundation for prepping, eating insects is a good start– over 1000 different insects are eaten regularly in over 80 countries around the world (primarily in Asia). The biggest caveat is that anyone with a shellfish allergy should avoid eating them. – John