Letter Re: Protecting Your Home, BOL, and Supplies from Pests


Regarding Protecting Your Home, BOL, and Supplies from Pests, A cheap mousetrap can be made from a 5-gallon bucket, some sweet feed (molasses and grain), and a board. Take your 5-gallon bucket, add some sweet feed, and use the board as a ramp for the mice. The mice will climb up the board and jump into the bucket. Once in, they can’t get out. There can only be one mouse in the bucket, otherwise they kill and eat each other. The wonderful smell of the molasses will draw the mice in quickly. I’ve seen eight mice in the bucket within an hour of setting, and most were bones within 24 hours. Mice like chewing holes in the corners of grain bags. Set unbaited traps around the hole so the mouse has to cross the trap to get to the hole. Peanut butter works extremely well, but make sure that you force it into the curl of the trigger, so the mouse has to work on it to get the bait. And as he’s busy, he doesn’t flinch when the trap activates, and you get the whole head caught by the bail. To the Victor go the spoilers! – Capt Nemo

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One other possible non-toxic pest control item to stock is diatomaceous earth. It can be consumed by humans safely. In fact, some people swear by it as internal pest control for humans and livestock. However, it can be used externally to kill bed bugs, ant, fleas, etc. Just make sure you get food grade DE, not pool grade. – Renee