Reading the New Blog Format for iPads/iPods

For those who have eyes like mine, the font on an iPad/iPod is difficult to read, but there is an answer. Since everyone’s eyes are different, it doesn’t make sense to regulate that aspect of the blog from the server side. Rather, each iPad/iPod needs to adjust specifically for its user.

To that end, these instructions should alleviate the issue. If you are using a Windows or an Android tablet/phone, there should be similar methods available to you as well.

  1. For those who want the advertisements to show on the smaller screen identical to the desktop, you pretty much have to use the google chrome browser. After SurvivalBlog has loaded the page, you can tap the settings button in the upper right corner of the browser to get the drop-down menu. From that menu, select “Request Desktop Site”. This will give you the normal site rather than the mobile site. The iPad has enough screen area to do this; the iPod or iPhone probably do not. Make sure you’re holding the iPad in landscape mode though.
  2. Go to the settings app. Select “General” settings in the left hand pane. Then select “Accessibility” in the right hand pane. On the screen that appears, select “Zoom” and make sure it is turned “On”. Now when viewing anything on the screen, you can use a “three-finger”, double tap to turn the zoom on and off. To scroll while the screen is zoomed, use a “three-fingered” drag. To go back to the normal screen, use a “three-fingered” double-tap again.


  1. Could someone please tell me how to get an app for survival blog for my iPad ? I had one and had to wipe my iPad clean and start over and now can’t find the app anywhere

    1. @Mike,
      There isn’t a specific app. Years ago, one of our readers coded one, but we were never part of it. I don’t think the original app is even available any more. However, you can use any news reader that uses an RSS feed.

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