Letter: Michael Ruppert

Hello Jim and Hugh,

I have only just become aware of this awful event that occurred last week. Mike was well known in Peak Oil circles and is likely familiar to many of the readers of Survival Blog. While I certainly don’t agree with the decision he made to take his own life, it was fairly obvious to me that he was deeply troubled by the state of our civilization and the path we seem to be marching towards.

I thought the readership may want to be aware of this event, if they weren’t already. I know Jim was on his radio show last year, I believe.

Mike Ruppert is the one who “awakened” me back in 2009 to some of the predicaments and limits we face, which led me very quickly to Survival Blog. My life has changed fairly drastically since that time (for the better, despite the challenges of a self-sufficient lifestyle!), and I never had the opportunity to thank him for that.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank both of you for the work you do as I haven’t bothered to do so as of yet, and I don’t particularly enjoy the hint of regret I am feeling now for not doing that with Mr. Ruppert. I suppose events like this put some things in perspective. I feel much more aware of how critical perceived strangers can be in your life and the importance of recognizing their positive contributions to your well being.

A sincere and heartfelt thanks for what you folks do! – J.M.