Letter: Cataracts


I was diagnosed with a cataract about ten years ago. Because it was new, I was having depth perception issues and even had a rear end car crash. An alternative newsletter by a doctor at the time recommended the following drops. I still have one cataract, but the other one never developed. My eye doctor nurse tells me I have what people pay to have. I see distance with one eye and up close with the other, which has the cataract. I use reading glasses for certain focal lengths, such as a computer screen. My vision has not changed since taking the drops. Before the drops, I was developing floaters, and while dove hunting I could not tell the difference between the doves and floaters. That problem is gone. The active ingredient is NAC, and other companies use the same ingredient and are less expensive. The doctor is aware of the drops and of course would prefer to do the surgery, but he cannot deny the positive results.