Letter Re: Using Canola Oil on Cast Iron

Referencing Three Letters Re: A Science Based Technique for Seasoning Cast Iron

Dear HJL,

As a grower of canola, I would like to point out the “ola” in its name is for oil. It was bred the old fashioned way in the 1970’s, long before genetic modification, at the university of Manitoba. Outside of North America, it’s called Rape, Oilseed Rape, or Rapeseed. Now, as to whether or not the Canola oil you buy at the store is GMO or not? I would say, just like corn and soybean products, it’s 95% likely to be GMO. However, I have no doubt that there are still non-GMO Canola products, if you know where to look. Of course, readers in countries that do not permit GMO crops need not worry. – J.D.