Letter Re: American Liberty


While I absolutely agree with Mr. Rawles’ statement, he left out the year 1913. That is the year States Rights were finally obliterated for good. While the War Between the States made the Federal Government supreme, the year 1913 legalized the concept.

The 16th and 17th Amendments provided for direct income tax and popular elections for Senators. Previously money for Federal operations were apportioned among the states, giving the States power over the Federal. Senators were the representatives of State governments while House Representatives were elected by and represented the individuals.

Using a reliable, and still successful technique, the income tax was passed by assuring everyone that only the wealthy would ever be taxed and then only by 1 per cent. Sound familiar? Social Security was voluntary and would never exceed 2 per cent. If you like your health insurance plan… in God we trust, Molone Labe, – T.V.