Six Letters Re: Source for Custom-Made Web Gear

Mr. Rawles,
My name is Matthew Gibbs. I read through your blog from time to time and find it very informative! I am also an avid reader of your books. They have taught me a lot and really got me thinking. Due to this eye opening thought process. I have managed to wake up several others to some of the things happening in the real world. I thank you for some of the recent changes in my life. (for the better)
Anyway, long story short. This evening when reading through your blog, I found a post you made regarding builders of custom products.

I run a small home business in western Nebraska called GBS Holsters. GBS Holsters produces high quality custom Kydex holsters, mag pouches, and knife sheaths. All products are made to order one at a time by hand. I take pride in producing the best possible gear for my customers. The time is taken to give the perfect fit and finish they need.
I also have a Facebook page. If you like what you see, and if it applies to the readers of your blog as you see it, please pass my contact info on.
Thank you for your time. – Matthew Gibbs


While I have not used any of their gear, I have seen and heard much good on this company from various trainers such as James Yeager & Cory & Erika. See: Original SOE Gear.

Regards, – Corey G.


JWR: offers Kydex holsters made to order. I just  bought one from these guys out of Texas, it’s an excellent piece, I highly recommend them. – Ash


Hi Mr. Rawles,
I just saw your post on SurvivalBlog regarding custom gear and thought I’d chime in with this site for DIY tactical gear makers. The web site and forum dedicated to the DIY tactical gear maker crowd and frequently there are offers to do custom work for people. The forums at DIY Tactical are found here. Note that readers might have to scroll through the posts to find forum members who do custom work however at the bottom of the forum page there are listed sponsors who may do custom work.

Thanks for all you do! Happy Thanksgiving! – Jeff H.

The company 101 Holsters is great for kydex work. The company is veteran owned and operated. – J.J.T.


Hi CPT Rawles,
My wife and I were just doing our morning reading of SurvivalBlog this morning and came across the article titled “Letter Re: Source for Custom-Made Web Gear”.  In it, your response was that if any readers do those certain types of custom work, to let you know and you will post contact info to connect us with customers.  Two things: First is that I am a disabled vet who does custom Kydex work, as well as makes custom outdoor gear, specifically high tech, four season, emergency shelters that work down to 0* F and set up within 2 minutes.  If anyone wants to contact me they may feel free to do so via email at The second issue is more important however, and is something I have been considering mentioning to you for the past couple of months.  

For the years that we have been reading and contributing to your blog, you have consistently emphasized two particular issue:  Vote with your feet and get moved to the Redoubt, and develop home-based business.  I agree wholeheartedly with both.  As we purchased property in northern (far northern ) Idaho last year, we are now working on step two, developing home-based (aka “cottage”) business ideas due to the lack of job opportunities in the area, which is what lead to the kydex and gear manufacturing start-ups.  We are finding however that the most difficult thing about this is connecting to the people who want our products.  

I am convinced that a great many of the people who read your blog, especially the type who are even going so far as to uproot their live and seek relocation to the Redoubt, are also the type of folks, who both realize the importance of, as well as want to support local business for “Redoubters”.  I know I would.  The problem is however that there is no centralized, easily accessible location for them to connect, at least not that I have been able to locate.  You have the perfect venue for creating a cottage industries or co-op type corner to be able to do this.  In your readership you certainly have the right combination of home based producers of prepper related products and services, and people with a need for those products and services, who I suspect, would prefer to buy not only American made, but made in the Redoubt as well, if they could only connect.  Why there are always reasons that can be found not to do something, I personally prefer to focus on solutions and benefits vs problems.  I’m not exactly sure what it would take to create some kind of “Redoubt Cottage Corner” or “Co-Op Corner” somewhere on your site, nor is this quick email intended to flesh out such an idea.  Instead, I was hoping to bring an idea to your attention for consideration.  It would be something that I sincerely believe would benefit your readership as a resource for both those of us needing things, as well as those of us providing things, in an economically difficult area.  In essence: Redoubters helping fellow Redoubters.  Supporting our own, if you will.  I’m sure that such an endeavor could also be established so as to benefit SurvivalBlog as well, after all that would only be reasonable right?  If such an idea is something you would consider supporting and give a place to get started, I think you would see something amazing happen, and be doing a real service to a lot of good folks. If not, perhaps you would consider polling your readership to see if there is interest in such idea, and provide a way to connect those of us interested in creating such an arrangement somewhere.  As always, we take your opinions very seriously and would be quite interested in hearing what you think about this. Best wishes to Avalanche Lily and the entire crew at the Rawles Ranch! Highest Regards, – Dan B.