New Writing Contest Prizes

To expand the already more than $8,400 worth of prizes, five more companies have very generously announced that they are donating prizes for Round 50 (et sequitur) of the writing contest:

1.) is donating both an AquaBrick water filtration kit and a Stainless Medium Scout Kelly Kettle Complete Kit with a combined retail value of $304.

2.) APEX Gun Parts is donating a $250 purchase credit.

3.) EP Lowers, makers of 80% complete fiber composite polymer lowers for the AR-15 rifles is donating a $250 gift certificate.

4.) Autrey’s Armory — specialists in AR-15, M4s, parts and accessories — is donating a $250 gift certificate.

5.) Ambra Le Roy Medical Products in North Carolina is donating a bundle of their traditional wound care and first aid supplies. This assortment has a a retail value of $208. Their bandages are made in Mexico, but use U.S.-grown cotton. For each contest round, they are providing:

20 rolls of 1” Heavy Elastic Tape: $24
1 box of 2” Midlastic Elastic Bandages (10/bx): $17.20
1 box of 3” Midlastic Elastic Bandages (10/bx): $21.20
1 case of 2” Roll Gauze (96/cs): $17.92
1 case of 3” Roll Gauze (96/cs): $24.40
1 case of 4” Roll Gauze (96/cs): $29.76
1 case of 6” Roll Gauze (48/cs): $24.64
1 box of 3” Supra-Grip Self-Closure Elastic Bandages (10/bx): $17.20
1 box of 4” Supra-Grip Self-Closure Elastic Bandages (10/bx): $21.20
1 pack of Extra Large Swab Applicators (50/pk): $10.39  

Total Retail Value: $207.91

Together, these new prizes bring the combined value of the top three prize packages to around $9,400!

All of the contest sponsors deserve your business. Please visit their web stores often!

I should also mention that one former prize has been dropped: The Commence Fire emergency stove. The owner of the company tells me that they are moving on to other projects. And by the way, the rights to produce this proprietary stove design, its web sites, and the tooling needed to make it are presently available, for anyone interested in launching a small business.

Round 50 ends on January 31st, so get busy writing and e-mail us your entry. Remember that there is a 1,500-word minimum, and that articles on practical “how to” skills for survival have an advantage in the judging.