Economics and Investing:

Here it comes! The IMF Proposes A 10% Supertax On All Eurozone Household Savings. Americans should be forewarned. We too need to minimize our bank deposits and shift into tangibles investing. (Thanks to “Beekeeper” for the link.)

C.D.V. sent this: Fitch puts US AAA rating on rating watch negative

Nobel Prize U.S. winner warns of ‘bubbly’ global home prices

Items from The Economatrix:

22 Reasons To Be Concerned About The U.S. Economy As We Head Into The Holiday Season

The US cannot avoid a soft default even if a hard default is avoided: Debt ceiling already breached and US Treasury operating in emergency mode while US is paying $415 billion in annual interest expenses.

Nothing left to financially lose: Biggest drop in confidence since Lehman Brothers and why some are unmoved by government shutdown.