Letter Re: Basic Mechanics Skills and Knowing Vehicular Limitations

Thank you for your contributions on SurvivalBlog. I read with interest the article on basic mechanical skills.  Changing a tire can be a difficult process,  last summer I had a blow out on a 100 degree day, found that changing a tire in the severe heat was a difficult task  and for an older man, and possibly dangerous.
I decided to decide to find a workable solution for this problem. At first I tried the 12 volt DC impact wrenches but found them unsatisfactory. My solution was to take a 1,700 watt inverter that I placed in a tool box along with a set of jumper cables to hook it to the vehicle battery, I run an electric impact wrench off the inverter, this will allow me to activate the jack, remove and replace the lug nuts, and winch down the spare. 
I also carry a 12 volt air compressor, some of the flat tire fixer in a can for punctures.   in one of the boxes I  also carry a tire repair kit.
with these tools at my disposal I can handle tire emergencies.
Thanks, – Albert from Pennsylvania