Letter Re: Advice on Water Storage

I’m looking for any insight regarding regarding discreet water storage in a suburban neighborhood.  My family is most certainly amateur peppers living in a suburban neighborhood just north of Des Moines, Iowa.  We have security, food, medical supplies along with other essentials.  The one thing we don’t have is near enough water.  

My main hesitation from just going out and getting 55-gallon water barrels is how conspicuous they would be. However that said, that may be the best solution. Are there any other solutions that I should consider?

Great site and invaluable information.  Thank you! – J.P.H. in Iowa

JWR Replies: Yes, I would recommend getting blue HDPE 55-gallon water barrels or perhaps metal frame “tote” food grade tanks, if you have the floor space. If they will be stored in a garage where they will be in public gaze if the garage door is open then be sure to drape them with tarps, or camouflage them with scrap cardboard boxes that have been sectioned. With some creativity, you can easily make the row of drums look merely like a stack of typisch Middle Class excess “stuff.”