Pantry Paratus Announces Photo Contest

I just received this announcement:

Pantry Paratus is excited to celebrate our second year on as an e-store.  We are looking to expand our digital marketing appeal with real pictures; so in order to do that we are hosting our first annual 2013 photo contest to celebrate all the harvest of this season’s bounty.  All the official rules are here, but the basics are these:
-all photos must be original work and submitted to between Friday, September 6th and Friday, September 20th.
-there are two categories: “Canning” and “Food Preservation.”  The first one is easy to define, but the second one can be anything from saving seeds to rendering lard to making jerky–surprise us!
-We have one grand prize winner ($200 of selected merchandise) and one First place winner ($150 of selected merchandise), one second place winner ($100 of selected merchandise) and one third place winner ($50 of selected merchandise) for each category.  There will be seven big winners in all!
-Since people tend to be private about their food supply, people need only supply their name (any name will do really) and a valid email address so if they win we can contact them–or else the contest is pointless, right?
-one entry per person, per email, per category  (e.g. John Smith can submit one (1) entry for “Canning” and one (1) entry for “Food Preservation” from