Update: Field Gear: Identifying The All-American Makers

Several readers sent suggested additions to my recently-posted list of field gear makers that have all American-made products:

MollyMacGear – MOLLE panel backpacks, extreme cold weather gear, hammocks, hammock insulation…

Urban ERT Slings – Single point, two-point and three-point slings. Made in Indiana by a former NCO and father of an active duty USAF Pararescue Jumper. They also take payment in silver.

Go Ruck – Military packs made by a Special Forces veteran.

Fight and Flight Tactical – Products hand made in Kentucky. They have a particularly good solution for field transport of AA, AAA, and CR123 batteries.

Holland’s of Oregon – Makers of the Lighting Strike fire starter, a great tactical shooter’s pouch, excellent muzzle brakes, and more. Their instructional DVDs are also highly recommended.

High Speed Gear – Magazine pouches, packs, hydration carriers, plate carriers etc. Their TACO magazine pouches are a great design.