Notes from JWR:

The wicked DDOS (“Ping”) hacker attack on SurvivalBlog is still in progress. Thanks for your patience while we get the site back up and running on one of our backup servers.

Camping Survival’s 25% off sale on Mountain House foods will run until July 7th. Meanwhile, Freeze Dry Guy has been given permission to extend their 25% Off Special on All Mountain House #10 Cans through July 10, 2013.

Today we present a guest post by the well-known video blogger Wranglerstar. His fascinating blog chronicles his many projects at his full-time retreat in the Pacific Northwest, in the shadow of the Cascade mountains. He and his wife emphasize practical “how to” educational segments on tools, skills, and old-fashioned technologies for self-sufficiency. I highly recommend that you dig through the archives of his video blogs, which are rapidly growing. They include a great wealth of practical knowledge and will help you avoid some frequent pitfalls.