Notes from JWR:

There are just two days left in Freeze Dry Guy’s 25% Off Special All Mountain House #10 Cans. And meanwhile, Camping Survival has started their own 25% off sale, which runs until July 7th.

Mississippi’s open carry law was set to go into effect today. Despite a temporary court injunction (which is sure to be overturned soon) Mississippi will soon be a fairly gun friendly state. For example, it is a non-discretionary concealed carry state. Freedom is on the march!

July 1st is the birthday of the late Oakley Hall. (Born, 1920, died May 12, 2008.) He wrote several popular novels, including The Downhill Racers and Warlock. (Both of which were turned into feature films.) I had the pleasure of meeting Oakley in 1975. He was a close friend of my Uncle Joseph Brower, and my Aunt Gayle (Rawles) Brower. When I met him, I thought: “What a great way to make a living–getting paid to write books about the things that you like.” One of my prized possessions is a set of three autographed hardback Oakley Hall novels, that were a gift from my Aunt Gayle and Uncle Joe. But perhaps being introduced to Oakley Hall was an even greater gift, since it helped set me on my career path.

Today’s first article is from our Central Rockies Regional Editor, “L.K.O.”