Letter Re: The Usefulness of MSDS Info for Chemicals

I saw J.A.N.’s letter about MSDS information for chemicals.  A comment J.A.N. made indicated the lengthiness of some MSDSs – very true with amazingly confusing info.  Another source is the international chemical safety card (ICSC) and can be located here.
These are typically only two pages in length, have standardized format, and are available in numerous other languages.  As an FYI – the “MSDS” is quickly becoming archaic as the U.S. is finally catching up with the international concept of SDSs  (no “M”)– with mandated format, international symbology, and definitive info for personal protective clothing/equipment (PPE).  Too many MSDS indicate simply to wear “gloves” as PPE – well, is that nitrile, or latex, or neoprene, or what? – Bill C.