Letter Re: The Usefulness of MSDS Info for Chemicals

Mr. Rawles: 
First off A Big Thank You for all the information you make available. 
I have been putting together a notebook for my office with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)  for all the chemicals that we use.  Old timers (like me) called these books HazMat Books/sheets.  This  got me to thinking about the chemicals that I use in my house; and started to put one together when the SHTF.
MSDS sheets will tell you:
1.       The Product and Company identification,
2       Ingredients ,
 3.     Hazards identification,
 4.     First Aid Measures ;  
 5.     Fire Fighting Measures
 6.     Accidental Release Measures,
7.     Handling and storage
 8.     Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
 9.     Physical and Chemical Properties
10.   Stability and Reactivity
11.   Toxicological Information.
12     Ecological Information
13.    Disposal Considerations,
14.   Transport Information]
15.      Regulatory Information.
Some of the “sheets” are many pages long and some are just one page.  But no matter how many pages there are; it is a great help in an emergency situations. 
I was surprised how easy it is to find these sheets.  Just go to your search engine and put the brand name of the product in and then look for the MSDS information (usually at the bottom)  If you cannot find it, just email the brand name/manufacture of the product.  They will be happy to send you the MSDS sheet.
Most families do not realize how many chemicals they have in their houses (usually in under the kitchen/bathroom sink and garage) and how harmful they can be.   Dish Soap really surprised me on how toxic it can be.    
I have tabs in the notebook identifying the group of products – like soap.  All information about any kind of soap is in that section.  I have also written an index at the beginning of the book so I can find the product fast.  I would recommend every household or any  retreat location to put together a notebook of MSDS sheets.  It might safe a life.
Blessing and prayers coming your way. – J.A.N.