Letter Re: Retreat Properties in Southwestern Oregon

In response to C.D.’s letter “Advice on Retreat Properties in Southwestern Oregon” found here:

I would suggest this person change their retreat property search to just east of “the hill”. Klamath County and Lake County are within driving distance to allow continued work in Medford during the week (if renting in Medford) and travel to the retreat on weekends. I would suggest triangulating a search between Klamath Falls, Lakeview, and Bend (Deschutes County) or Prineville (Crook County). Personally, I set the western edge of the Redoubt at the eastern edge of the Cascades.

There are several advantages to these counties:
1. Significantly lower property prices.
2. Lower property tax rates.
3. Significantly lower population density.
4. Less intrusive county governments. The difference is stark. See


5. More traditional conservative values. Less statist views among the people. Preparedness as a way of life – not something new.
6. Less trafficked area (no I-5 corridor).
7. Not within 100 miles of the border – AKA the DHS “civil rights free zone”.
8. High gun ownership rate. (Too many people west of the Cascades support gun control.)
9. High concentration of “awake” people. More Gadsden flags per square mile than anywhere I have been, and I have traveled a lot.
10. Less “polluted” with “Californian” influence.
11. Colder climate deters golden horde refugees in winter. Cascades serve as a natural barrier to the west. (And the Sierras do the same to
the south.)
12. Fewer pot growers.
13. Still has significant agricultural base.
14. More NFS land than Jackson county.
15. A local population that is willing to fight back when they think they are being wronged. See:


Along with some disadvantages:
1. Potentially less economic opportunity.
2. Weather is not as favorable for food production; shorter growing season.
3. There are still some pot growers here.
4. Water is less plentiful, and in some areas can be problematic. See:




Take care. – B., from the (hopefully) southwest corner of the Redoubt