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H.L. sent this Reuters article: More US States Weigh Gasoline Taxes. Unfortunately this superficial article failed to detail the aggregate gas taxes–it only talks about the recent and planned increases, such as Wyoming’s 10 cent cent rate “leap.” But this map from 2012 gives a more complete picture. In fact, Wyoming merely normalized its gas tax rate with its seven contiguous neighboring states. It is noteworthy that the Northern Rocky Mountain states have taxes that range from 40 to 46 cents per gallon, which is well below the national average of 48.8 cent and far below the west coast states which range from 49 to 67 cents per gallon. It also failed to mention that Wyoming has no personal income tax. Also, keep in mind that gas taxes are road use taxes. Data from the Census Bureau shows that the average American has a 25.1 minute commute to work. Most Wyoming workers would consider that a dream job. A 45 minute commute (at 70 miles per hour) is not unusual in Wyoming.

Jim. W. sent: The National Debt to the Penny and Who Holds It. (These are truly frightening numbers when you consider that the only way that this debt could ever be repaid is via The Weimar Solution–mass inflation.)

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