Living in The Age of Sequestration

I’ve observed that we are now living in The Age of Sequestration, in many senses of the word.

First, and most noticeably, is all mass media talk about the Federal Budget Sequestration. Despite all of the hoopla and handwringing, it is actually just a token decrease to an already enormously bloated budget.

Second, is the forced sequestration of some Bad People. You’ve probably heard the latest news: following a lengthy jury sequestration former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilppatrick was found guilty. But his upcoming sequestration is hardly a news flash. Everyone knew he was a crook and this is of course his second conviction.

OBTW, does Mayors Against Illegal Guns have a special Life Sentence Membership option? And coincidentally it looks like former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (another one in Mikey Bloomberg’s Elite “Crime-Fighting” anti-gun club) may also be sequestered. If convicted, Nagin would join a long list of very ex-Mayors. One thing more gratifying than seing a bit of the Federal budget sequestered is seeing more of Bloomberg’s Band of Fools sequestered for long stretches in Club Fed, where they can’t do the public any more harm.

Third, Germany is sequestering its gold reserves. Once thought safe under the streets of New York City, the German government has announced that it is repatriating its gold. Since there are probably more banker IOUs than there is physical gold in the depository, this will surely be seen as a wise move, in retrospect. (Nobody wants to be the proverbial Third Guy In Line.)

Fourth, in reaction to economic turmoil and Quantitative easing (monetization) the citizens of many countries are wisely sequestering part of their life savings by buying more silver and gold.

Fifth, a bunch of collectivists are trying to sequester your gun collection. They tell us that melting our guns down to make manhole covers is for our protection. Yeah, right.

Sixth, American gun owners, in reaction to the gun grabbers, are sequestering part of their life savings by buying more guns, more ammunition and more full capacity magazines. That is a wise move.

Seventh, and most important to SurvivalBlog readers is the quiet exodus of American gun owners and other freedom lovers. They are moving from Blue States to Red States. Many people are fed up and have wisely chosen to vote with their feet. They are moving to places like The American Redoubt. May God bless them, provide for them, and protect them. We have our own ideas about where we want to sequester our gun collections, and sequester our kids, too. – J.W.R.