Three Letters Re: How Racially Tolerant is the American Redoubt?

Captain Rawles,
I am one of those people that the liberals like to call a racist because I am outspoken about my hatred of the Muslim anti-American criminal in the Whitehouse. In 2000 I voted for Alan Keyes. In 2004 he wasn’t on the ballot so I wrote him in. If Dr. Benjamin Carson decides to run, I will very likely vote for him too. LTC Alan West is one of my heroes. I read the editorials of Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and Ellis Washington every week without fail. I consider them to be extremely intelligent and honorable.
If this man is a Christian, reveres our Constitution, and tries to live his life with honor then I think he will find himself quite welcome in my neighborhood (somewhere in Idaho). – Maddog

I wanted to comment on this gentleman’s question. (If not posted possibly cut and paste and forward to him.) I am from Southern California and have lived in Western Wyoming for about eight years now. I am half Italian with a very obvious Italian last name. I have never seen any issues where people cared about where I was from. On a more specific note, I have a very close friend that is African American and his wife is Puerto Rican. They came to visit us for a week with great hesitation due to his skin color. They had a wonderful time being taken around town and being introduced to our friends and acquaintances. As we hugged to say goodbye there were tears in his eyes because of the love that was shown to him at the local restaurants, the neighbors, people at the general store, church, etc.

I am 42 years old and have seen a lot of hatred as a law enforcement officer in California. I am proud to say that we do not judge people by the color of their skin in this area. We are more concerned about the caliber of their rifle and the goodness in their heart.
Yes in some ways America is getting better and better everyday! – Tony in Wyoming

The redoubt has a higher proportion of former military members than the nation at large and military service [serving alongside] those of other races goes a long way to eliminating ignorance.   I recommend you plan a vacation through as much of the area as you can to get a feel for things.  You may be more comfortable around college towns so check out the Helena, Montana, Cheyenne, Wyoming  and Boise, Idaho area. [JWR Adds: I’d also recommend Moscow, Idaho and Bozeman, Montana.] I live in Boise where racism is nearly a non-issue but with that choice comes all the downside of being in a populated area including the loss of the ability to become truly self-reliant.  Like everything else, you’ll need to set your priorities.    I strongly believe that, if you’re a person of character, that will be a much more important factor in your being “accepted” than your race.  Good luck. – Jan G.