Letter Re: Bitcoin Update

Mr. Rawles,
Thank you for your site and all that you do.  I haven’t seen anyone mention on Survivalblog the recent price rise in Bitcoin.  It is a good time to turn any coins into tangible items.  I would like to recommend Fastcash4bitcoins.com

I used the service for the first time about two weeks ago just to see if it was for real I selected the pay me with a check option and was paid out on 5 bitcoins.  I can happily say I received and cashed the check three days later.  Now that I had some more confidence in the service I used the pay by Silver option(they will payout in Silver Maple Leafs).  Just yesterday I received my full mint tube 25 oz of silver.  They also offer the option to be paid in gold, via ACH to your bank account, and I think a few other options.  They have overall good reviews on Bitcointalk.org and only allow you to be paid out if they already have the cash/silver/gold on hand.

Since Bitcoins are currently at a level of parity with silver I will be turning virtual to physical as much as possible. (Or virtual to lead…)

Regards, – Michael X.