Letter Re: Addictions That Could Be Your Undoing

Mr Rawles,
 I have had to get off of coffee several times for health reasons and have found that a couple of B Complex vitamins or a non-caffeine energy drink like FRS really helps to ease the pain and symptoms of withdrawal … of course I had a five cup a day habit, not a 5 pot a day habit like some of your readers indicated.

I also want to thank you for printing the article several months ago about getting off of anti-depressants. My wife was on Effexor, one of the most notorious ones, and we were able to slowly wean her off of the drug by using some of the supplements and herbs indicated in the article and others I was able to research. Withdrawal symptoms for Effexor can last more than a year, but with a lot of prayer and some good nutrition she was able to get back to normal in a few months. – Ernie M.