Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“Religion is a most cheerful and thing to practice, but a most sad and melancholy thing to neglect. The government of God in the soul is a government which regulates, but does not enslave. If we seriously consider what religion is, we shall find the saying of the wise King Solomon to be unexceptionably true: “Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.” The idea that religion is a kind of slavery, to which none can submit without sacrificing the natural enjoyments of life, has ever been the greatest hindrance to its advancement among mankind. How much wiser and better should we be if we could carry along with us, from infancy to old age, the full conviction that happiness is the substantial cultivation and exercise of the Christian virtues, and that piety is the firmest basis of morality, securing first God’s claims, and by so doing securing our own! For, without the belief and hope offered by Divine revelations, the circumstances of man are extremely forlorn.” – John C. Gunn, M.D., Gunn’s New Family Physician, 1866