Resolving to Start the New Year Right

Here at the Rawles Ranch, we’ve resolved to get back into doing our daily stretching/calisthenics and thrice-weekly tactical hikes on the National Forest land that compasses our property. (We had let this practice slip away last Fall, as the cold weather set in.) Hence forth, no more lame excuses.

We’ve also begun supporting C.R.O.S.S. Ministries with weekly support. With automatic PayPal payments, this won’t be overlooked. They deserve your support, too. Note that these are Christian missionaries who will train South Sudanese villagers with small arms, so that they can defend themselves. This is a Biblical concept! (Luke 22:36)

We’ve resolved to be vigilant for any encroachments on our God-given rights. Any proposed legislation that would diminish our rights will be met with a deluge of e-mails, FAXes, letters, and phone calls.

Ditto for institutional moral decline by our government. (Yes, it is OUR government, and we need to remind our public servants that they work for “We, The People.”)

We resolved to more diligently memorize scripture.

Lastly, we’ve resolved to top off our supply of full capacity magazines, including some extras, for barter and charity. (We still need just a few. And even if Madame Feinstein’s gun and magazine ban bill is DOA, we can still expect an import ban on magazines, via Executive Order.) I’ve been mentioning the importance of magazines in the blog since our early days, and have recommended them as an investment since 2007. Our little stack of silver didn’t triple in value last year, but our PMAGs did!