Letter Re: I Thought I Was Prepared

Hi Mr. Rawles,
It is a bit embarrassing to share this account with you, but maybe, just maybe someone will learn from my errors.
I guess we’ve always been ‘preppers’’ of some sort.  We’ve always had a fruit-cellar and extra personal hygiene items along with bandages etc. on the shelf.  When I found this site about 4 years ago, my husband and I took a long, hard look at where we were and where we needed to be.  The two of us are not just looking at helping ourselves, but my sister and her family.  So we dug in and got serious.  We read the information shared, check out the links provided, copy and print information I know will be a benefit to my family.  Every article has its proper place in the proper binder with proper labels.  Even the dog has his own binder with the necessary information and even alternative diets etc. 

Anyone who visits SurvivalBlog has been reminded many times over not to assume you have all of the needed supplies.  Let alone remember everything you’ve read and should have been practicing for.  Well—I thought I had things under control and could remember what I needed to do and do it flawlessly (such arrogance on my part).  God in his wisdom taught me a huge lesson this past Wednesday, and I am thankful for the wake up call from Him.

This past Wednesday we were experiencing a snow storm, expecting about 6-8 inches of snow with blowing winds. Yes the storm arrived as predicted.  I work part time and the dog and I usually have a play time mid afternoon.  While playing fetch somehow my dog tore an entire toenail off.  Blood went flying all over the carpeting.  I got him into the kitchen, grabbed a huge wad of paper towel and applied pressure to stop the bleeding.  The bleeding didn’t stop, so I grabbed the corn starch and drenched the toe.  All along I’m thinking, what in the world am I going to do?  I’m home alone, the dogs bleeding like crazy, can’t get it to stop!  Well silly girl, where’s the dogs medical kit, was it close by?  Of course not.  Accidents don’t occur at the perfect spot.  Now what I have available to me was not available since I didn’t have a runner.  More corn starch and pressure, yes the bleeding stopped.  My husband was due home from work shortly.  There I sat on the kitchen floor holding my German Shepherd’s foot just waiting for help.  When hubby did arrive home I allowed our dog to stand up so we could see if the corn starch worked.  Of course not, the bleeding started all over again.  I re-bandaged his foot, put his foot into a plastic bag, hubby, dog and I headed off to the Emergency vet.  No one in their right mind should have been out on the road, driving was dangerous—uncontrolled bleeding is also.

But what would have happened if the Vet weren’t available and help wasn’t just a short time off?  Truth is I wasn’t as ready or prepared as I thought. So many writers have reminded us that you can never have too much gauze, 4×4’s, self adhesive bandaging—the list goes on and on.  I proved that point Wednesday. Everything I had upstairs was used.  The sanitary pads I’d purchased to use in an emergency situation was downstairs in one of my several marked bins.  Way out of quick reach. 

I am now working on an emergency kit (not just the supplies we had on hand on the first floor, but an actual emergency kit).  One for us and one for the dog, one on the first floor and one in the master box. A massive amount of supplies will be purchased.   With the emergency kit preparedness not being up to par, it’s made me review everything else.  (I did find a Vet link that someone might find useful.  I found it when I was looking up the pain medication our German Shepherd came home with.)

Again, I am so thankful for this ‘test’ God had given me.  He’s given me time to do some honing on skills and supplies.  And too, I am so thankful for this Site what I’ve gathered, learned and continue to learn from. – OldKimberGirl