Two Letters Re: Secession in These United States

I think some writer on this topic miss an extremely important point about secession.  That point is immigration and emigration.
Taking your original argument that the Federals would not allow Redoubters to go in peace – then most likely the Feds would immediately cut off all “benefits” paid to those who reside within the American Redoubt.
It is unlikely Social Security would be cut off because there is no problem presently paying SS to ex-pats who have chosen to retire in foreign countries, Honduras, The Bahamas, Spain, etc etc.  By what logic would it be different here?
As for others who are dependent on “transfer payments” without doubt there would be an immediate rush for the exits.  Hundreds of thousands of “disabled”, “professional minorities”, college-professors, bureaucrats, IRS agents, EPA officers and other marginal and non-producers would hit the exit ramps.
Overnight our welfare, Medicaid, and 80% of our crime problem would be solved.
On the other side of the ledger, thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs who have been “regulated” out of business will stream INTO the Redoubt, yearning for the breath of freedom.  They will be joined by thousands of individuals who have been subject to “reverse discrimination” because they happen to be a Christian or other non-minority.
The “homeless” problem evaporates overnight because the support structure that allows them to exist in the North Country would disappear.  California here we come.
Many fine military officers would find their way to our side.  Officers who have been forced to swallow politically correct “rules of engagement”, the politically correct theory that “a girl make just as good an infantryman as a guy”   the politically correct theory that gay-friendly fully integrated homosexual army is the same fighting machine that landed on the shores of Iwo Jima in 1945. These officers would soon find employment in our ranks.
The legal structure will quickly be revised as well.  We simply cannot afford to let crooks appeal their sentences for 20 or 30 years.  Justice will once again become swift and sure.  You think this is going to be lost on the crooks?  California here they come.
With the criminal and parasite classes gone from our borders, the cost of government will plummet.
Further, just as thousands upon thousands of healthy young men and women headed for the oil fields of North & South Dakota – their brothers and sisters will come here.
Just as thousands upon thousands of healthy young men and women headed for Alaska to build the pipeline – their sons and daughters will come here.
Just as thousands upon thousands of healthy young men and women headed the gold fields of California – their grandsons and granddaughters will come here.
There will be a new burst of free-enterprise, and the young, the vigorous, the adventuresome and the unafraid will come here.
All we need do is offer them the opportunity to try their luck, offer them the chance to win or lose based on their own enterprise, ingenuity and intelligence.
What we cannot do is the same old same old.  The alphabet agencies, BATF, EPA, FEMA, BATF, FBI, CIA, and on and on and on, all this garbage has to go.
The idea that you can get a job, or into a college, or into some “program” based on the color of your skin.  That garbage has to go.
The idea that your criminal behavior is somehow excused because your dad was a drunk or your mom didn’t feed you, or your school was overcrowded.  That garbage has to go.
If we secede and keep things just as they are, we will fail and we will dissever to fail.
If we secede and cut out the crap, not just a bit here and there, but all of it – we will succeed beyond our wildest imagination. 
60 years ago heroes of our grandparent’s generation walked on the moon.  60 years from now, heroes of our grandchildren’s generation will walk among the stars.
The time is now, the place is here.  All we need do is heed the demand of Moses to the Pharaoh: “LET MY PEOPLE GO”.

Regards, – W.L.L.

Growing up in the south, secession was and is still on the lips of many southerners.  The first secession I was taught about occurred some 3,000 years ago in the nation of Israel.  Solomon created the wealthiest and most powerful government the Israelites would ever see.  it was also one of the most corrupt.  Jewish history teaches that Solomon sent his own people into forced labor (slavery) in Tyre.  For those who don’t know Tyre is an ancient Phoenician city in modern day Lebanon.  Solomon also gave away large sections of land to pay for his extravagances.  He gave 20 towns in Galilee to Hiram the king of Tyre because Hiram supplied Solomon with cedar, pine, and gold.  Solomon had no legal right to do this even as king of Israel.

In 1 Samuel chapter 8 we find the Israelites coming to Samuel asking for a king.  Samuel was displeased with this, but inquired of the Lord about it anyway.  God told Samuel not be to distressed over it because the people were not rejecting him they were rejecting God.  Once again we find the children of Israel in rebellion against God.

But God did what God always does when men cry out for bad government, He gives them just what they asked for no holds barred.  God tells Samuel to tell the people exactly what a king would do to them, Samuel did, and the people insisted on inviting tyranny upon themselves.  I encourage everyone to read 1 Samuel 8:10-18 and see if God’s warning doesn’t ring true, truer words were never spoken.

What the Israelites did not understand was they had the best form of government possible on this earth.  From the day Israel left Egypt’s land they were divided into tribes.  Jethro, Moses father-in-law, showed Moses how to divided them into self ruling tribes.  Each tribe had clans, and the clans had sub clans.  This is known as the Patriarchal system, now you should understand why liberals hate it so much.  These tribes formed a confederacy with each other.  A confederacy was preferable because any infraction of any rule instantly dissolved the confederacy and both parties reserved the right to dissolve the confederacy at will.

By the time of Solomon’s death the 10 tribes of the north had had enough and decided they would secede from Judah and form their own country.  However they stepped right back into the same disastrous trap that their fathers had several decades before.

Fast forward to the 1770s, obviously our founders believed in the right of secession, just read the Declaration of Independence.  Even after the New England Federalist made an attempt at secession, Jefferson believed they had a right to do so, that occurred in 1814-1815.  It is known as the Hartford Convention.  The people of New England gathered for a redress of grievances concerning the War of 1812 and the problems arising from the federal governments increasing power.

There is more than enough evidence to prove that our founders and framers believed the states had a right to secede and dissolve all bonds with the union.  Secession is a right of the PEOPLE.  I believe our founders would have gotten a good laugh out of their progeny asking a government for permission to secede.  

While I appreciate Attorney Terry E. Hogwood’s dissertation on the subject, I believe he over looked one major point, the courts are a tool of government.  Historically they always rule in favor of government, and almost always in favor of increasing the power of government.  The courts seldom acknowledge the power of the people over government, yet the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution and Bill of Rights emphatically state that the power belongs to the people.  

Secession must be taken.  The secessionist recognizes his right to liberty and freedom then takes what is rightfully his, in essence he grants himself the right to secede.  No government will ever grant him the right to be free.

And yes, I believe in the right to secession and believe that secession maybe the last hope for freemen to continue to be free.  At the same time I also fear it.  The 10 tribes of Israel did secede from Judah, however in just a few decades they would be conquered by the Assyrians.  The 10 tribes of Israel were not a virtuous and moral people.  Our founders were virtuous and moral and even declared that our system of government could only succeed as long as we remained a virtuous and moral people.  Secession’s only work over the long term when the people are morally grounded.  Secession’s by immoral men only advance and increase the speed of corruption.  In fact most attempts of secession have failed because they are lead by the morally corrupt.

I hear many calling for secession because their rights are being trampled upon, but I don’t hear many calling for the people to return to a moral and virtuous lifestyle.  Without a moral and virtuous people, chances of a successful secession are slimmer than slim and, I believe, may well lead to something far worse than what we face now. – C.D.P.