Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“Even after the elite decamp there’ll be plenty of good eatin’ left on the carcass for the stay-behinds. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the somewhat less than elite. For one, their toadies in DC have been building Führerbunkers and stocking them with supplies and ammunition for the day when they’re toadies no more. Some of the toady’s toadies have retreats and plans of their own. They keep it quiet, unsurprisingly. Then it’s all against all, a spectre of flag-waving warlords and tribal strong men, of alliances and secessions, of fiefdoms and redoubts and contested regions. Everybody who wants to be somebody will invite themselves to the fray. Who is king and who is not king will be the sum of all politics; asset-stripping the sum of all economics. It’s going to be a memorable squabble.” – Ol’ Remus, The Woodpile Report, in an essay on national insolvency (November 21, 2012)