Letter Re: Armed To The Teeth: Essential Survival Contingency

Unfortunately, I have to take issue with the recent article Armed To The Teeth: Essential Survival Contingency. [ In it, Michael S. puts undue weight on firearms.]  I would argue that this is a foolish and dangerously short-sighted view of preparedness.  Michael references his military experience as justification for this view without mentioning that an entire army stood behind him with a sophisticated logistics machine to provide resupply on a regular basis.  Of course bullets matter more than beans over short durations when you know more supplies are coming soon.  You can’t count on that in TEOTWAWKI.  
Don’t get me wrong:  I love to drink the tacticoolade as much as the next guy, but a big gun won’t keep the lights on unless you are using it to rob a neighbor of his generator.  This view that guns-solve-every-problem-in-every-circumstance is an overly-narrow view of SHTF [circumstances] , and anyone who buys into that is in for some big surprises when reality hits.   – Robert in Texas