Letter Re: Getting Real About Unarmed Combat

R.G. wrote a great article! I really appreciate his emphasis on the fact that when you fight hand to hand you will most probably be injured – he who is injured the least “wins”, but in reality you both lose.

It needs repeating over and over, that the best strategy is to avoid potential confrontations – don’t be in the situations or places where confrontations are likely to occur.  As that is not always possible or predictable, second best is to disengage or run away (and keep an exit route on your situational awareness radar).  As that is not always possible, be armed.  And since we don’t always walk around with a weapon immediately available in our hand, or are disarmed by law – learn unarmed combat.

To re-use Boston T. Party’s metaphor, you should sharpen your combative skills like the edge of a knife – along the entire length of the blade – from zero range unarmed combat, to arm length knife work, to short range pistol, to long range rifle…

The best training I have ever received in unarmed combat is the weekend seminar by Target Focus Training.  The most realistic, the quickest to get effective with, the most “actionable”, the best emphasis on the ugly reality of the situation, the ugly mindset required, I could go on and on…

The downside is these classes are very expensive.  Get on their newsletter (which I highly recommend – a great education in itself) and wait for a special sale.  Frankly it took me awhile of reading their stuff to be convinced to risk the time and money to see if they were as good as they say they are.  They are!  Standard disclaimer: I have no financial interest, just a happy customer.

Regards, – OSOM