News From The American Redoubt:

I heard that a new and quite conservative prepper-friendly Baptist church has been planted up in Bozeman, Montana. Calvary Baptist Church, an independent fundamental Baptist church, will be pastored by Philip Brown. According to his newsletter, Brown felt strongly convicted to relocate his family to Montana. He mentioned that some quite providential things fell into place, to make it all happen. See their video introduction.

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Reader Joe W. sent this interactive map: Multiple Shootings in the United States. Notice a big hole in this map? There have been almost no multiple shootings in the heavily-armed American Redoubt. (Plus the Dakotas.) Conventional Statist Wisdom says: More Guns, More Crime, but the reality is: More Guns, Less Crime.

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The AARP ranks Spokane, Washington as the #1 town to live in, for affordability.

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A Department of Transportation (DOT) map of average daily truck traffic shows that there is far less traffic in the Redoubt.

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Mark A. mentioned: “ has been reviewing about one state per week as places to retire. They finally got to Idaho last week. Here also are Montana, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington.”