Economics and Investing:

J.N. suggested this over at Zero Hedge: $10 Trillion M2 Is Now In The Rearview Mirror. So the aggregate money supply has been expanded from $4 trillion to $10 trillion in less than 12 years. So it is no wonder gasoline and milk are both over $3 per gallon.

Martin Armstrong: Why Property Taxes Will Soar, Why the Risk of Civil Unrest is Rising Exponentially and Why We Will See The Rise of a Third Political Party

Items from The Economatrix:

Earnings Show Recession May Be “Fast Approaching”

Growth In U.S. Slows As Consumers Restrain Spending

First Year of U.S. Economic Recovery Weaker than Estimated. [JWR Adds: This is being reported because the so-called “recovery” was just a brief blip created by massive monetization. Otherwise, we are still in a full scale depression that will span a decade or more.]

US Consumer Sentiment Gauge Falls to Lowest this Year