Letter Re: Prepare to Share

I have been reading your articles for quite a while now and I have a comment on the article Prepare To Share. This has been a difficult subject to deal with. I have been prepping for 2 1/2 years. At times my wife thinks I’m going a little over board. Last winter when we had such mild weather ( I work on heaters) we lived off the food I had stored due to the lack of work and income. This was eye opening and it has set my resolve to store more for the coming problems while I have work and money. In my efforts to prep I’ve talked with my brother and other family members to encourage them to prepare. As of now they are taking a laid back approach and plan to rely on the Lord for their needs. God is awesome and great and can do all things, but I believe he expects me to do my part. So the dilemma starts with my family. If I have enough stored for my wife, son and myself for when things un-zip, how can I take care of my brother and his family as well. This would add another 12 people to the mix. And what about the wonderer who come to my door with kids who are crying because they are hungry. Soon I will not have enough for my own family. I’m reminded of the story of the ten virgins. Half prepared for the unexpected and the rest didn’t. The ones who did not prepare were not evil bad people, they were just unprepared. The ones who prepared weren’t able to help them and have enough for themselves at the same time when the unexpected happened. This is the point I struggle with.

One idea is something I am reminded of from the great depression. Those without went looking for help while those who had offered to help in exchange for work. I live in the country, and I have a big barn. My thoughts have been to offer help to those who seek food, shelter & water in exchange for work. I heat with wood, I will surely welcome the help. If some one is un-willing to work then I might not have anything to share. If they help then I can share. These guest will sleep in the barn and I will offer food shelter & water. This is not slavery… I am reminder of the scripture “If a man will not work then he shall not eat.”

With my family and friends who might need a hand, I have another thought: I have some super pails I made up for my-self with various items. While preparing these the thought occurred to make a pail to share. I have included some basic food items like noodles and sauce with a couple cans of meat down to two rolls of toilet paper and a P-38 can opener. There are matches, a candle and a inexpensive flashlight with some inexpensive over the counter meds. These 5 gallon pails are filled to the max. My wife is excited about these and she wants me to make 10 more. This is something I can do for my family members and friends without taking away from my wife and son.

I do not know if this is the right way to prepare and share with those around? I pray that when I am faced with this decision he will provide the means and the wisdom.

In His Service. – Keith R. in Kansas