Economics and Investing:

The “well funded” Social Security myth: $20 trillion timebomb. (Thanks to G.G. for the link.)

Reader AmEx sent an article by Paul Farrell: How Bernanke will cause the next crash before 2014

Over at Alt-Market: Bad Economic Signs 2012

Ol’ Remus of The Woodpile Report alerted me to an article wherein Karl Denninger summarizes the enormity of the LIBOR scandal: So I Need To “Be An Adult” About Fraud Eh? Here is a key quote: “There are hundreds of trillions of dollars of interest-rate derivatives linked to LIBOR, directly and indirectly. A 1% move would be something like $3 trillion dollars. “

Items from The Economatrix:

Ambrose Evan-Pritchard:  Fed Fiddles While America Slides Back Into Recession

Refinancing Debt Into Prosperity

Authorities Give Gold Price Another Leg Up

This Major Fed Move is About to Create an Explosion in Gold