Letter Re: Retreat Ideas for the Disabled and Elderly

As a formerly disabled person I would like to share some ideas to help make survival more likely or at least less treacherous:

 * Keep a heavy duty luggage cart for bug out bags. They are versatile and can be used for many other things like hauling water. Wheeled backpacks with roller blade wheels will not be as durable and versatile.

*  Adult tricycle bikes are quite stable can help many get around easier and quicker while carrying some supplies too. These can be used by others as well to carry water and heavier supplies.
*  Foot-care should be top priority. If you are caring for someone who is elderly or diabetic check there feet often and make sure to keep moleskin, extra soft socks and that they own a pair of quality sneakers that are comfortable.

*  Meal replacement shakes That have a minimum of 19 grams of protein per serving, contain a minimum 25% of RDA on Vitamins and minerals per serving. Higher calories are better and low in sugar. Ideally you want something that only needs to be mixed with water or you can also add powdered milk.

   These can be used by everyone but will be especially handy for the elderly & sick.

*  For those dealing with incontinence it will not always be practical to stock up on or carry the required amount of supplies needed but the following items can help:

        Male external catheters (available online)
        Female urination devices like GOGIRL
        Plastic moisture barrier underwear
        Reusable (washable) incontinence pads & briefs for both men & women       
        Gentle laxatives
        Baby wipes & washcloths

 *   USB memory stick containing medical records

 *  10 parameter reagent test strips- an easy urine strip test that tests glucose, bilirubin, ketone, specific gravity, blood, pH, protein, urobilinogen nitrite, and leukocytes. They are inexpensive–only about $13 for 100  test strips and should be included in everyone’s emergency kits.

*  Back pain- Mueller adjustable lumbar back brace, Biofreeze or Salonpas, extra Ibuprofen or Aleve
    Knee pain- Patella tendon strap or full knee brace, Biofreeze or Salonpas , extra Ibuprofen or Aleve
   Neck pain- Inflatable neck pillow, Caldera relief neck rest, Biofreeze or Salonpas , extra Ibuprofen or Aleve

    You can also learn acupressure using your fingers or a knob like device
    Robin Mckenzie has written two very popular books on the subject titled Treat Your Own Back and Treat Your Own Neck

*  Book Recommendation: Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook by David Werner

*  Heart rate monitors for exercise. These can be used to monitor those with heart conditions and make sure that they
   take a break or practice calming exercises when needed. Some of these have custom alarms that will beep when your heart rate
   goes to high or too low.

*  Diabetic supplies may run out Cinnamon bark capsules, Fenugreek seeds or tea, and chromium polynicotinate
   can be used as a last resort. Cinnamon will also be pretty easy to come by and can be easily put into foods, drinks or
   emptied capsules.

Regards, – Tricia, Illinois