Letter Re: American Ingenuity–Oil Filters for Firearms Suppressors

Good Day, Mister Rawles.

Thank you as always for the good work you do. I was trawling around on the interwebs and came across this DIY suppressor solution. This may be old news to some but for everyone living in nations where suppressors are banned (or far too heavily regulated) then this is absolutely vital viewing.

The fitting displayed is what would be registered as the suppressor in this instance, but I can think of a few particular plumbing fittings at the local hardware store that I might be needing in the near future. For home renovations of course…

Kind regards, as always. – The Apple Islander

JWR Replies: Readers in the United States are warned that failure to pay the $200 Federal transfer tax could result in an eight year felony prison sentence. Don’t risk becoming a felon and losing your right to own guns and your right to vote for life. Pay the silly tax.