Letter Re: Residential OPSEC With Utility Workers

Hi Mr Rawles,
Another tactic used by house burglars is to break in to your car.  They will steal your garage door opener and your registration.  They clip them together for identification.  Then a few days later when your car is gone they drive up, open your garage door, enter, close the door and break in to your home.  Unseen, they can load up and leave.  We found this out when our car was broken into. They dumped the glove box for the paper work, and didn’t take the radio.  Luckily they didn’t find the garage door opener.  When we reported the crime the police filled us in on what was going on.  Now we keep the garage door openers with us.

Another trick on the garage door is to make a hole in the door, then reach in with a stiff wire [with a hook formed on the end] to pull the door’s emergency release cord.  The easy fix for that is to cut the cord so there is no handle on the end.

Have a good day. – Karl G.