Letter Re: Trijicon — What’s the Right Color for a Color-Blind User?

Good Morning Mr. Rawles,
I too suffer from color deficiency and have had first hand experience with Trijicon, ACOG and other illuminated optics.  For me the red and green reticles “disappear” on any background other than white. 
With the assistance of many a friend and family member we have done extensive testing to be able to determine what works for me. The answer to my color woes is amber reticles. No mater the background the amber stands out brilliantly.  I’ve had the opportunity to view the amber reticles against woodland, desert, tiger stripe, Multicam, ACU and a dozen other types of camouflage and have yet to find a color or pattern (including natural backdrops) that caused the amber disappear.  I’m blessed in the fact I didn’t have to waste hard earned money trying to find what works for me and haven’t had to play the “return and restock” game with any distributors.  

I’ve also recently found a manufacturer that builds optics specifically for color blind shooters. The company is called Browe, Inc. I’m currently saving up to purchase one of the BCO optics from them with their blue reticle technology as blue seems to be the kindest color to those of us with color deficiencies. I will say this in closing as well, I do not rely solely on illuminated reticles, I have plenty of “standard” scopes with crosshairs, mil-dots and BDC reticles to be swapped out “when the batteries won’t charge any longer” and all of my weapons have iron sites if the scopes get damaged.
Thank you for a great blog site! – Terry in Denver