Two Letters Re: Improving Your Shooting Skills Without Spending a Fortune on Ammo

Mr. Rawles,
Recently a reader responded to a recent post titled ‘Improving Your Shooting Skills Without Spending a Fortune on Ammo’ and inquired whether or not it would be a good idea to shoot without eye and hearing protection in order to get a feel for ‘real world’ shooting conditions if subjected to such. You wisely responded that doing so is ill-advised.

I would like to make note that in a real world shooting experience a phenomenon known as ‘Auditory Exclusion’ often occurs. Auditory Exclusion is the lack of awareness of the loud report of firearms one would normally hear at the range when the firearm is being used in a real life situation. Readers can do a web search on the term for more information.
Hunters, police, and military all report this phenomenon. The very sound which leaves ones ears ringing at the practice line is neither heard at the time nor is there the after effect of ringing in the ears once the event is over.
I have personally experienced it numerous times, along with the total lack of awareness of recoil from a .30-’06 rifle when shooting a deer.
The same shot that kicks violently and would leave my ears ringing at the range without ear protection is totally un-felt and unheard.
There is no reason to not wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment at the practice line.
Thanks for SurvivalBlog, and may God keep you and yours. Cordially, – J.S.

To solve the SHTF hearing problem there are several products on the market that are small, lightweight, unobtrusive that let normal levels of noise in but block louder gun shop type noise.  My wife (a retired USAF Nurse Colonel with PhD in nursing) and I use Surefire’s Sonic Defender Plus EP4 Hearing Protectors.
As an NRA Pistol Firearms Instructor, I find these work very well BUT I always wear “double” ear protection when at the range.
( I have no financial interest in the SureFire Co other than helping their profits by all the money I have spent on their excellent line of personal and tactical lights)
Keep up the good work. Stay safe. – Hook